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Truly Customized Training Programs

For over 22 years now, I’ve worked with busy professionals, stay at home moms, moms-to-be, and folks facing all sorts of health crises. I’ve helped them break through their fitness and nutrition roadblocks.

Through the power of customized online training, I can pour that experience into the convenience of your smart phone.

I will create custom regiments to fit your specific fitness and/or nutrition needs.

Rhonda James  - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

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Tell me what’s holding you back from your fitness goals, and I will get back to you personally and let you know how to break through.

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Built for 'Real Results in The Real World'

Overweight woman sitting on excercise ball looking frustrated with her hand on her forehead. Is your personal fitness suffering because you’re just too busy for the gym? Are you shovelling in too much ‘fat’ food because you’re always too busy to plan meals properly? Feeling tired, stressed or just ‘bummed’ out?

In modern-day America, we always seem to be ‘on the go,’ and, many times, our fitness suffers as a direct result. America as a whole has an obesity problem and stress-related illnesses are at an all-time high – you are definitely not alone. If you’re always in a time crunch, then you need Fitness To Go.

If you’ve tried and failed in the past, I implore you to keep going. Although, remember that smart women seek out help they need to achieve their goals. Let an expert handle this part of your brainpower so it’s not one more thing to do. I’ll make the plan. I’ll do the thinking, and together we will create a way for you to implement your plan into your life so you can be the ”wonder women” you know you are!

With Fitness To Go’s customized online training programs, we are ‘fighting today’s fat with today’s technology’ My Experience + Technology = The Best You Ever

The Power of Customization

Every individual is different, so what works for one may not work for another. That’s why I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your lifestyle. Your online training and nutrition program is created for you specifically. The customized program, combined with my experience will get you better results than you’ve ever experienced before.

3 Phases of Real Results!

Initial Consultation

Upon signup you and I will consult via phone/Skype®. Depending on your needs and the package you have selected, we will perform lifestye, movement and nutritional assessments.

Start Now!

Online Training Program Customization

Once we have finalized your training plan we will work together to get you access to Fitness To Go’s Trainerize App; Depending on your package, you will have access to: an exercise video library, which includes instructional videos for each exercise in your training program and/or a nutritional plan integrated through: myfitnesspal.

I’m Ready!

Ongoing Support

We’ll need to keep working together to help you with any obstacles that may arise. Depending on your package, we’ll do this via email, text, phone, or Skype®. You may also have access to private Facebook Groups. This ongoing communication is definitely a key to maintaining a successful online training regiment.


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Fitness Only Package
 Initial Consultation - phone/Skype®
 Movement Assessment
 Lifestyle Assessment
 Personal Workout Program
 Personal Program Updates with Personalized Timeline
 Video Excerise Support
 Email Support
 Private Facebook Group Access
 Free Webinars/Newsletters
Nutrition Only Package
 Initial Consultation - phone/Skype®
 Nutrition Assessment
 Caloric and Macronutrient Setting
 Food Calendar
 Recipes & Supplement Recommendations
 Ongoing Tracking/Training for Self-Efficacy and Mindset
 Email Support
Complete Fitness + Nutrition Package 
Hint: This IS the package you need if you truly want results. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and one rarely works without the other to see real and lasting results.
 You get Everything I offer PLUS
 Daily Goal Reminders
 Bi-Weekly Lifestyle Planning/Integration Sessions via phone/Skype®
This plan provides all of the accountability and expertise you need, while learning to become self-sufficient as you move toward your goal.