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It’s Here! What You’ve Been Waiting for !

My Beat the Bulge Year-End Challenge!

So…What’s This All About?

Most people gain 8 to 10 lbs during the holiday season. That’s just awful!

Here’s the thing: You do not have to gain weight during this holiday season. In fact, you can actually lose weight and feel better. Have the energy to get through the holiday events and attend events knowing you look great!

Start 2017 with healthy habits already in place. Set yourself up for success next year and reduce the stress of the holiday season by joining this challenge.

So…What’s Included?

  •  6 weeks of workouts with video instruction. With options for at home or at the gym workouts.
  •  6 week nutrition plan that includes "Treat" days that you pick so that you can enjoy your festive holiday events guilt free.
  •  Me as your accountability coach to help you figure out those rough spots that the holidays always bring when it comes to staying fit and eating right.
  •  Access to my Fitness To Go App so you can see what all of this talk about remote coaching is all about. You will love having your personal plan delivered to you right in the palm of your hands!
  •  Access to a private facebook group of other participants for ideas and support.
  •  Prizes & More

Group starts Monday, November 28th and goes though Jan 6th, 2017! Just think how great it will be to already be working toward your 2017 resoutions before the year even begins!

So…How Much Will It Cost?

$79 for the whole 6 weeks!!!

This is your chance to get elite-level training backed by 22 years of experience at a fraction of the cost!

There’re no other hidden costs or fees, and I promises I will not try to sell you a bunch of supplements or equipment.