The Time is now!


I have had so many inquiries about the next challenge dates!


But the next 1st Phorm $50,000 Challenge isn’t even scheduled yet.


We are not waiting any longer!


 Join an 8 week Challenge that will let you win money and get results now!


Not later!


 Lose the jiggle.


 Feel Better.


Have fun!


Get healthy with a group of people who will encourage you and keep you accountable.


Here is how it works:

$25 per person winner takes all!

When:  July 9th – August 31st 2018

Where: Online private group

What do you get?

  1.  Customized workouts to do at home or in the gym or both.
  2.  Customized nutrition guidance- Calorie and macro-nutrient suggestions, and suggested foods and portion sizes.
  3. Supplement recommendations as needed.
  4. SUPPORT- our community of other challenge participants is filled with others on the same path as you.  We also have past Challenge winners to help educate, motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.



Win Money!

Wear your swimsuit with confidence!

Get Results with the Fitness To Go 8 Week Challenge’s the skinny,

Most people gain 8 to 10 lbs over the summer. Blame the parties, extra busy schedules, and those extra treats that seem to be everywhere! BBQ’s, vacations, summer fun in general.  It seems there is food everywhere.  Next thing you know fall is here and our jeans just don’t fit like they did last year!

 You do not have to end up too big for your skinny jeans after Labor Day!   In fact, you can actually lose weight and feel better.  Get the energy to tackle summer fun and attend those events knowing you look great!

Start now setting healthy habits in place. Set yourself up for success before Labor Day gets here and reduce the stress that having those kids home all summer can cause.   So…What’s Included?

  •  8 weeks of workouts with video instruction. With options for at home or at the gym workouts.
  •  8 week nutrition plan that includes "Treat" days that you pick so that you can enjoy your events guilt free.
  •  Me as your accountability coach to help you figure out those rough spots that come along with staying fit and eating right.
  •  Access to past challenge winners. Get tips and advice from them!
  •  Access to a private facebook group of other participants for ideas and support. And early access to the 1st Phorm Challenge site with video instruction for exercises and nutrition plans and more.
  •  Prize money!
  •  Winner will be determined by participation points and photo's submitted. Contest details sent after registration is complete.

Registration ends Sunday July 8th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Our group officially begins  Monday, July 9th and goes until Friday August 31st 2018 ! Just think how great it will feel to be working toward your new  body before fall and the holiday season is even get here! And do not forget there are still summer events coming up  to flash some skin and look fabulous when the weight starts falling off!

It is very likely you have seen the impressive before and after photo’s of Fitness To Go clients.  These are people just like you who just needed that extra boost to get them going in the right direction.  They are action takers who do not wait until the perfect time.  No time is perfect, but the best time is now!

So…How Much Will It Cost?

$25 entry fee for the whole 8 weeks!!! 

Grand Prize winner takes all the money collected!

Runner up prize to be determined.

I am not charging for this group so winner gets all of the money we collect from our group.  

This is a fraction of the cost for my other challenges and training programs.


There’re no other hidden costs or fees.


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How will I get my program?

Your program is sent via a private portal you will have access to through early access to the 1st phorm challenge site. It contains your nutrition guide and your suggested workouts along with video instruction of every workout.

Do I have to use the challenge site?

Yes, once you register for the free challenge on the site if you choose to follow your own workouts and nutrition you can.  However you must register through the site.  Plus remember these are world class programs offered through 1st phorm so why not take advantage of them!

Will I have support?

Yes, you can will  have access to our private facebook group with other participants to keep the excitement high and to ask questions or share successes.  I will also hold facebook live events in the private group throughout the challenge.  I regularly post new ideas and training in the group for all to benefit.  We also have the benefit of previous challenge winners who share in our group!

Let’s get started!  You will receive your link to the fitness to go section of the challenge site once you pay your entry fee.


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