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My Fitness Journey

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My name is Rhonda James I am both, a certified online personal trainer and fully certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Age 21, 200 lbs.

Like so many people today my journey to health and fitness has been many years of trial and error. During my first pregnancy I gained 90 lbs! I was still carrying around about 40 extra lbs when 8 months later I became pregnant with my daughter and gained another 70 lbs! I didn’t hate exercise but had no real experience and I was clueless about good nutrition.

I did join a local gym and took cardio based fitness classes and over several years lost some of the weight but my body never returned to the sleek toned body of my youth even though I had even begun to teach fitness classes.

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In 1999 I stumbled upon a book with a transformation contest and decided it was worth a try. It was at this time that I discovered the beauty of weight lifting and proper nutrition. In 12 weeks I went from 30% body fat to 17% and the results were truly amazing! I could see my Abs for the first time in my life and my energy was higher than I ever remembered.

Soon after, I found myself staying at the gym for hours helping others and answering questions so I studied and got my first personal training certification.

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That was 15 years ago and how my life has changed for the better. I have since owned my own gym, worked for and managed large gyms for a world renowned gym chain. Above all, I’ve come to enjoy working on a 1-1 basis with people, helping individuals with their specific goals, hopes and dreams.

So I returned to personal training and found that even with all of the readily available information people were struggling more than they had in the past. I began to see the need for programs that fit the crazy schedules of my clients. Families were running busier than ever and career demands caused sedentary hours and travel that posed all kinds of challenges. The health of my successful hard working clients was at a critical state! I also found that the body changes associated with menopause posed another huge hurdle for women and developed programs to rid them of the weight gain and bulging bellies that plague women during these years.

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From these experiences Fitness To Go was born. My programs address the challenges of today’s busy schedules while still achieving amazing results! This is my passion! What are you waiting for? Join me on a lifestyle change that will reward every aspect of your life!